Hi Folks,
now I finally updated the nRadius sources as well. There are just a few cosmetic changes. I built the whole thing a litte bit more modular. So there are are seperate classes for the attribute-management, the crypto features and some additional utils.
There is just one thing to mention regarding handling:
The SetAttribute Method doesn’t support byte inputs any more, that were needed with IP address attributes (NAS-IP, Framed-IP). The IP address attributes may now be added as a string instead of bytes.

Regarding the Demo Client I did some bug fixes and included an attribute-demofile in the archive. In combination with the auto-repeat option, the attribute-file gives you the opportunity to run each run with different values. Just give it a try.
I also added the attributes “Framed-IP” and “Calling-Station-ID” to the DemoClient.

Visit the download section for the nRadius source and the Demo-Client

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  1. Brad Says:

    Thanks for putting this together and offering the source, I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. Looking forward to testing it out.

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