2007-11-23 Update

November 23rd, 2007

Check out the download section.
I updated the nRadius Source Code and the Demo Client.


nRadius 1.1 - Build 071123
+ added a new class just for Radius Attributes (RadiusAttribute)
+ added an utility class for non-radius jobs
+ added support for any Radius attribute, using the nRadius.SetAttribute Method

7 Responses to “2007-11-23 Update”

  1. André Monteiro Says:

    Hello! I was looking for a API class to connect to a RADIUS server, and I found yours! I’ll try it next week and report to you, good effort by the way!

  2. Nightwalker_z Says:

    @André: Good to know that people find my page at least 🙂 Hopefully nRadius will satisfy your needs. It worked for me. If not, please forward me your requirement and perhaps I can implement it.

    With best regards,

  3. tshepo Says:

    Is there any method to use on how to add accounting request on the source code?
    thanx in advance.

  4. nightwalker_z Says:

    I bet there is, but I won’t do it.
    Don’t have time to put more effort into the class.

    There is another C# RADIUS implementation from Novell:

  5. tshepo Says:

    Ok thank you very much.
    I have a free radius running on linux,so i just want to know if i run this client program on windows visula studio,will i be able to get a response from the radius server?can you pls give me a clue on wat to do to run the program.
    Kind regards.
    thank you.

  6. Drell Says:


    I’m currently developping a c# WPF client to access Radius server. I tried the few solutions existing on the web and all have a common problem: it lacks chap encryption support.

    Is your project dead (seeing the date of your last post) or are you going to update it in the future? I find it very well made and easy to use but this lack of chap encryption support is a problem…

  7. nightwalker_z Says:

    Status is “no more enhancements” 🙂
    Sorry that the current state doesn’t fulfill your requirements. I guess there are better solutions out there, compared to mine.

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